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This is a great shot, not only due to the beautiful colours, and the fact that underwater photography is tricky, but also because this is a macro photo and yet perfectly in focus – apparently the cuttlefish is only 1cm long in real size. Neil Liddle’s got some lovely other shots from around the world on his Flickr page too, which are well worth a look.

Flamboyant Cuttlefish Macro

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Today the BBC’s ‘Horizon’ programme focuses on the recently-finished census of our planet’s seas and oceans. Ten years of research by over 2,700 scientists collaborating from 80 countries around the globe, have lead to discoveries of more than 1,200 new species and the rediscovery of others thought to have gone extinct years ago – 50 million years ago in the case of one shrimp. New marine habitats and ecosystems were found, as well as a greater insight into the state of the world’s oceans and the effects on marine life today. I’ll certainly be tuning in to BBC2 at 9pm tonight – after all, you can’t go wrong when David Attenborough’s narrating!!

Further Info:

BBC Horizon Programme Info
Census of Marine Life: A decade of discovery – official website 
BBC News: “Marine census publication marks ‘decade of discovery’ “

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